01. Education

The first step in opening a business whether it is brick and mortar or online store, is to educate yourself. We have partnered with Manila Workshops to provide entrepreneurs the right knowledge and tools to be successful selling in Amazon.

02. Product Analytics

Sourcing products is a tedious process. We would like to help you by providing free product analytics tools in the website. You will be able to see the product's potential daily sale, shipping costs, Amazon fee which will help you compute for profitability.

03. Marketplace Integration

Through Amazon API, you will be to see the performance of your online store. No need to login separately.

04. Logistics and Fulfillment

We will partner with the major logistics companies like Xend, DHL, UPS and FedEx to be able to get the best shipping rates. eCFulfill will also be integrated to their system so that the shipping process will be automated.